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We are currently offering two sessions: An Introductory Session that covers the basics of writing and SEO and a Weekly Session that covers writing, SEO, digital marketing, email marketing, and more in detail. Choose the one that suits your current expertise.

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1Is this writing discussion free?
Yes! Absolutely. The first discussion covers the basics of writing, SEO, and how to pitch to a client effectively. If you want to learn more about Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn pitching, Cold-Emailing, and SEO (in detail), we also run paid sessions.
2What all do we cover in the first writing session?
In the first writing session, we cover: - Basics of content writing - How to identify your niche? - Basics of Search Engine Optimization - Google's Guidelines to write SEO-friendly content - Basics of client pitching - Creating 30 awesome content that helps your LinkedIn profile
3What do we cover in the paid sessions?
In the five paid sessions (2hrs each), we cover: Content Writing in detail Complete On-Page SEO Creating cover letters for Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn How to write a cold email that ACTUALLY works Basics of Digital Marketing (Facebook/Google Ads)
4What are the charges for the paid writing sessions?
Individual session costs INR 750/- The entire month's writing discussion would cost you INR 5,000/- only
5How do you enroll in the paid writing sessions?
If you are interested in a paid writing session, please contact Mr. Viraj Mahajan either on LinkedIn or drop him a mail at [email protected]

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