Microsoft Visio & the Magic of Content Writing

Increase in Social Media Followers Using Content Marketing Strategy
July 6, 2022

A marketing strategy, first and foremost, is a strategic, data-driven approach to communication and marketing operations across all channels and platforms. The marketing strategy guides all corporate marketing actions since all marketing strategies come from this overarching framework and goal. After the strategy has been created and presented, marketers utilize tactics to implement the processes that will lead to the targeted result.

In this case study, we will take you through how CJ Digitals was among those consultants who suggested Microsoft Visio's team to generate more leads through content writing and marketing.

Microsoft Visio is a vector drawing and diagramming application of the Microsoft Office suite. Shapewear Corporation, renamed Visio Corporation, initially debuted the product in 1992. Microsoft purchased it in 2000.

You may use Visio on your PC or mobile device to Visually organize complicated ideas. Begin with hundreds of templates, such as flowcharts, timetables, and floor layouts. Add and link shapes, text, and images to demonstrate correlations in your data.

CJ Digitals Helped the Agency To Reach More Professionals

At CJ Digitals, we have an expert writing staff specializing in website blog writing, online content writing, marketing material content, white papers, research articles, proofreading, infographic content, social media content, press releases, product descriptions, and copywriting. We provide consultancy and help in building marketing strategies that can benefit companies to increase their sale and revenue! On the other hand, we specialize in digital marketing and content creation. Rather than continually searching for freelance writers and haggling prices, we match your project with authors from our pool who best meet your requirements. Additionally, we are a leading online ranking provider in India, offering the best SEO services.

Our marketing experts at CJ Digitals can design a successful marketing program, campaign, or plan based on the details of your sector, business, and consumer base. We also consider the most recent developments and modifications to the digital marketing scene. Industry best practices quickly become obsolete, but we keep our ears to the ground to keep up with the most recent advancements. You can relax knowing that your marketing approach considers the most recent engagement trends, search engine algorithm adjustments, and marketing best practices. Additionally, our experts understand how sales and marketing activities complement one another. We create marketing strategies that produce quality leads while utilizing sales data to drive your next great marketing campaign.

Now let us look at how our team was a part of the strategy-building process of Microsoft Visio and helped them gain more users within a year and increase their revenue.

Microsoft Visio's Challenges and Limitations 

Microsoft made significant changes to how it bills, terms, and renews Microsoft and Office 365 subscriptions and licenses after a decade of stable pricing. Office 365 debuted in June 2011 with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lync, Exchange, and InfoPath programs. Since then, and especially since 2017, Microsoft has introduced and improved many new features, including Access, Power BI, Publisher, To-Do, Visio, Whiteboard, Yammer, and many others. It was just a matter of time until Microsoft's "decade of continuous innovation" had to convert into price increases to accommodate the rising complexity demanded of its communication and collaboration, security and compliance, and AI and automation capabilities.

Microsoft announced worldwide pricing hikes ranging from USD$1 to USD$4 per user for Microsoft 365 Business Basic/Premium, Office 365 E1/E3/E5, and Microsoft 365 E3. In addition to the previously disclosed price increases, Microsoft started licensing its new commerce experience model, including the "Microsoft Visio." So now, subscribers who commit to yearly or three-year agreements will avoid a new 20% fee that will be levied on monthly subscriptions under this arrangement.

The problematic part of the matter is that many firms may assume they are currently on a monthly arrangement but have an annual license deal with Microsoft with a renewal date. Previously, when memberships were classified as monthly, the renewal date was arbitrary, but now that day will signify the grace period during which modifications and cancellations can be made with appropriately prorated penalties.

This was when people started leaving their platform and using other software to create basic diagrams, block diagrams, business matrices, and much more!

Revenue Increased

What Actually Worked for Visio?

Our primary motive was to attract more people to their site and then convert these leads into subscribers to this platform.

At the same time, we aimed to give customers the greatest simplicity of use when creating basic diagrams, block diagrams, process diagrams, and flowcharts with four dozen templates and hundreds of shapes, among other things.

We were among many others engaged by Microsoft's freelancing team to modify their strategy with their product managers and discuss viable ways to boost their usage and revenue with them. Moreover, as a result, we presented them with solutions that may significantly alter their product consumption within a year.

At its core, Visio is about visualizing ideas and connecting things on a canvas, so we suggested to provides its customers access to a slew of clever diagramming tools, such as adding flyout shapes, adding and removing forms with connection healing, and modifying shapes while maintaining diagram layout and shape metadata are all possible. Moreover, each type of basic diagram, block diagrams, business matrices, Venn diagrams, cycle diagrams, and pyramid diagrams would have multiple templates, around 100+, and let them use them with multiple choices. Enjoying classic layout elements like auto-alignment and distribution, as well as smart guides, and saved locally in PNG or JPEG format, with a resolution, background color, transparency, and size settings should also be available.

Positive Outcome

Our consultant team at CJ Digitals and the specialists developed strategies for marketing and increasing product sales. We acted as an intermediary between businesses and their clients, recommending products and services and ensuring that customer needs were addressed. Thus, employing CJ Digitals' consultation and taking their tactics into account yielded benefits for Microsoft Visio and helped it make the best diagramming tool in 2022.

Microsoft Visio & the Magic of Content Writing
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