4X Conversion Rate Increased by Spending $10 Per Day

Increase in Social Media Followers Using Content Marketing Strategy
July 6, 2022

One of our 57-year-old clients, Mrs. Jamana Mahajan, an aspirational woman, a glorious life force, an excellent cook from Madhya Pradesh, India, expanded her social media reach, sold her home-made products pan India, and successfully launched her own brand "Satvic Foods," where they deliver products that are fresh, nutritious, and packed with the tenderness of a mother's care.

Mrs. Mahajan's primary wish was to fulfill her dream of opening her cooking business. Coming from a humble background, she dreamt of making "Satvic Foods" available to people all over India and outside as a brand where objective and mission were to cook 100% natural, organic, and home-cooked cuisine. Every raw material purchased for each product was to be hand-picked by her from the market. And she would hand-grind them to prepare a delectable assortment of masalas for you, wrapped in a mother's affection.

Several roadblocks were preventing her from moving further. Firstly she came from a place where she couldn't get much exposure. So, reaching out to people and making them aware of her work was difficult to crack! Not only that, but due to the high level of competition, it was tough for her to stand out and build a name for herself with her products and reach a target audience. So for a person who is not that tech-savvy, she had no clue about how to use social media or communicate with people on a wider basis. And, she didn't have any clue or strategy of what she should be using or following so that she could start getting a good amount of engagement! That is when we agreed to help her expand her social media engagements and take her product sale a notch higher within no time.

"Satvic Foods" was started in September 2021 with an all-women staff, including women who manage bookkeeping, packaging, production, and everything else from their home region and others from beyond. With the help of CJ Digitals, the engagements with the start-up soon started showing up. We created her social media handles and started posting videos about "Satvic Foods."

To our surprise, on the very first day, our post went viral on social media and grabbed around 1.2 million impressions on LinkedIn! The next day, another social media post of ours reached 0.7 million views, and on the third day, another reached 1 million views within 24 hours, that too organically! We are glad to share that her press releases even got featured on platforms like 'YourStory,' 'Dainik Bhaskar,' 'Times of India,' and 'Slurrp.' Also, several other bloggers out of the nation featured "Satvic Foods" in their blogs. There was a 4X conversion rate where only by spending INR 800 ($10) per month did they receive orders for the upcoming two months prior. Here are the attachments below for you all to see.

We build the greatest digital marketing strategies on thorough buyer personas, and the first step is constructing them. You may, for example, structure your customer categories and boost your marketing by employing templates to develop buyer personas. Consider the broad picture when reviewing your existing digital marketing platforms and assets to choose what to include in your plan; this will save you from feeling overwhelmed or confused. Gather your belongings and categorize each vehicle or item on a spreadsheet to clearly see what you have, earned, and paid for. We examine your current content. An efficient digital marketing strategy can help you make the right decisions for the growth of your business.

A strategy process model is a framework that describes a logical sequence to guarantee that all-important strategy formulation and execution tasks are included. A marketing strategy should involve an assessment to verify that your organization has the tools it needs to manage all digital touchpoints. But which capabilities are crucial and should be evaluated? We went through her difficulties and determined precisely what she needed.

Here are several tactics we used, and guess what? Not a single dime was spent on their implementation! We employed a three-pronged strategy:


Organic Sale in First 24hrs


LinkedIn Connection on First Day

These would aid in reaching a larger number of customers and raising awareness in the marketing funnel. Incorporating these cutting-edge web marketing techniques would also boost site visitors. We promoted website and social media engagement to assist you in creating leads in the future. Using online, email, and social media marketing to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns based on the data we already know about them.

Content authoring, SEO optimization, blogging, producing articles, and more are consumer engagement research and testing options for digital marketers today! We authored and designed blogs and long-form pieces ranging from 100 to 1500 words in length and marketed them across all media. We focused on email marketing and sent out a lot of emails regularly.

Thus, her social media accounts grew dramatically as a result of these digital marketing methods, and she was able to reach a diverse audience. Our authors emphasize response times at CJ Digitals, with most orders completed within 24 hours on our marketplace. Our staff can assist you if you need a single piece of high-quality content developed quickly or if you want to grow. Not only that, but you get an unlimited number of free revisions. You will receive 100% original, tailored material with complete satisfaction. Not only that, but we have full-time writers who are experts in various disciplines. We're also proud to say that we've written over 10 million words on various topics, received over 170 graduate theses, and have been mentioned by over 100 websites!

Furthermore, through free online classes, we advise students and freelancers, enabling them to enhance their writing talents. CJ Digitals wants to provide amazing content that will boost any company's digital presence and bring in quality clients and money through the internet. Not only that, but you receive limitless free revisions. You will receive 100% original, personalized material with perfect contentment.

As a result of employing us as a team, you will have skilled writers who can regularly deliver material that develops momentum and makes an impact. Get a content writing agency and a digital marketing firm, such as CJ Digitals that can supply you with high-quality content, SEO ranking services in India, and web ranking services in India all in one spot.

4X Conversion Rate Increased by Spending $10 Per Day
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